2014  Jan-Jun

   Case Report
1. Dysphagia Of Rare Etiology
  Tridip Kumar Sengupta *, Soumya Mishra, Magna Manjareeka
  Page Number: 1-2
   Research Article
2. Assessment Of The Anxiety, Depression And Coping Strategies In Diagnosed Cancer Patients
  Jincy Jose ,Blessy Antony* ,Usha Ukande
  Page Number: 3-6
4. Can Controlled Vestibular Stimulation Delay Brain Aging?
  Kumar Sai Sailesh ,Rose Usha,Padmanabha,Jobby Abraham ,Mukkadan J K*
  Page Number: 11-13
5. Risk for Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Alcoholics and Diabetics
  Balachandran J ,Sreekumar B
  Page Number: 14-16
6. A Study On Effect Of Sleep Duration On Spo2 And Pulse Rate In College Students Of Angamaly, Kerala
  Kumar Sai Sailesh , Padmanabha, Jobby Abraham, Jose Angel,Mukkadan J.K
  Page Number: 17-19
7. Premenstrual Symptoms And Academic Performance Among Adolescent Girls
  P. Padmavathi* , S. Raja Sankar, N. Kokilavani
  Page Number: 20-24
8. Glomerulonephritis In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  M.K. Mohan Das* , Sanjeev
  Page Number: 25-26
9. Prevalence Of Urinary Tract Infection In Febrile Children Less Than Five Years Of Age
  G Somaiah*, Ashraf Mohinuddin Siddique, Suaraj Gupte, Sai kiran, B Raj Kumar, P Jaya Ram
  Page Number: 27-29
11. Prevalence Of Low Calorie Intake By Rural Families In Palpa District Of Nepal
  Ghimire, Madhusudan*, Ghimire, Moushami
  Page Number: 33-36
13. Medical Student's Perception And Preferences About Peer Physical Examination (PPE)
  Manjunath H, Venkatesh D, Taklikar R H, Vijayanath
  Page Number: 42-44
14. Ectopic Pregnancy, Still A Life Threatening Emergency -A Clinical Study Of 100 Cases
  Kavitha B*, Geetha L, Usha Rani T, Rama Devi A, Madhuri K, Rama Devi Y
  Page Number: 45-48
15. A Study Of Comprehensive Management Of Distal End Humerus Fractures In Adults
  S.K.Venkatesh Gupta, K Mahendra Kumar, G.Veera Reddy, K Sachin Avinash, N. CH. Venugopala Charyulu, V Vizia Kumar
  Page Number: 49-53
   Review Article
16. A Complete Review Article on ABC of Blood Groups
  Purna Singh A*, Shivanand S Rathod, Praveen K Kodumuru, Desai JM and Vaishali Nagose
  Page Number: 54-58