2013  Jan-Jun

   Research article
1. Measurement Of Radiation Dose During ExtraCorpearal ShockWave Lithotripsy Procedure
  Nada AA Bushara1, Abdelmoneim Sulieman, Mohamed A Halato, Ibrahim.I Suliman
  Page Number: 1-5
2. Determination of Hydronephrosis Causes In Pediatric Patients Using CT
  O'hood Al-Hussein Mohammed, Ikhlas Abdelaziz Hassan*, Mohamed Ahmed Ali, Hussein Ahmed Hassan
  Page Number: 6-10
3. Evaluation of Radiochemical Purity of Received 99mTc-99Mo Generator using Paper Chromatography Test
  Yousif Abdallah*, Mohamed E. Gar-elnabi, Siddig Ahmed, Nada Abdelmajed
  Page Number: 11-17
4. Doppler Ultrasonography Of The Kidneys In Diabetic Patients
  Ala Mohammed Abd Elgyoum Mohamed Ahmed,Abd Allah Mohammed Jaber,Amin A. E. Elzaki
  Page Number: 18-21
5. Exposure factors formulae for Ventro-Dorsal (VD2) and Dorso- Ventral (DV) projections of the pelvis in canine radiography
  Ikhlas Abdelaziz Hassan, Mohamed Elfadil,Osman Saad Ali, Muna Ahamed Mohammed, Asma Ibrahim Ahamed, Fatima Dahi Mohammed
  Page Number: 22-24
7. Evaluation Of Patient Radiation Dose During Orthopedic Surgery
  H. Osman, A. ELZaki1, M.Elsamani, B.Alamin,A.Sulieman
  Page Number: 29-33
8. Film Reject Analysis For Conventional Radiography In Khartoum Hospitals
  Mohamed Yousef,Carolin Edward1,Hussin Ahmed,Lubna Bushara.AbdullahHamdan ,Nasreldin Elnaiem
  Page Number: 34-38
9. Contrast Improvement of Chest Organs in Computed Tomography Images using Image Processing Technique
  Yousif Mohamed Yousif Abdallah,Magdolin Siddig
  Page Number: 39-44
10. Addional Radiographic Techniques for Demonstration of Pelvic Limb in Canine (Sudanese bread)
  Ikhlas Abdelaziz Hassan, Mohamed Elfadil, Osman Saad Ali
  Page Number: 45-47
11. Characterization of Renal Stones by Computed Tomography and Ultrasound
  Mohamed Yousef*, Tommader Khiderand Ikhlas Abdelaziz
  Page Number: 48-51
12. Incidence Of Different Hepatic Lesions in Saudi Patients Using Computed Tomography
  Mustafa Z. Mahmoud1, 2*Maram A. Faqiri,3 Walid Al-Ghamd,i4Khalid Al-Qahtani
  Page Number: 52-55