2013  Apr-Jun

   Research Article
3. Current Status Of Exported Fishery Resources In Andaman Islands
  Gopal,K1, Sachithanandam.V1, Dhivya.P1 and Mohan P.M*1
  Page Number: 12-16
4. Distribution and abundance of Marine Sponges (Porifera) of two unique study areas of South Andaman, India
  Ramkumar.B1*, S. Venu2, C.M. Ramakritinan1, M. Jayasingh3
  Page Number: 17-23
5. Distribution Of Planktonic And Benthic Foraminifers In South Andaman, India
  1*Mothilal Yuvaraj. P and 1Ramanujam. N
  Page Number: 24-26
6. Isolation and characterization of microbes associated with White pox diseased coral (Acroporidae) from Palk bay, south east coast of India.
  Anitha Jothi R.1*, G. Umagowsalya1, K. Duraikannu1, B. Ramkumar1, M. Santhanakrishnan1, C.M. Ramakrtinan1.
  Page Number: 27-30
7. Preliminary observation of Mass Coral Spawning slicks at Mithapur reef, Gulf of Kachchh , West Coast of India.
  Subburaman. S1*, S. Goutham1, D. Adhavan1, and Prem Jothi1
  Page Number: 31-33
8. Studies on pharmacological potential of the marine macro-alga, Gracilaria debilis [J. Agardh] from Tamil Nadu Coast of India
  P. Seedevi1, S. Sudharsan1, U. Kanagarajan2, Subodh Guptha2, A. Srinivasan3,S. Vairamani1 and A. Shanmugam1*
  Page Number: 34-38
9. Checklist of Opisthobranch faunas at Mithapur reef, Gulf of Kachchh, Gujarat
  S. Subburaman.ยน*, D.Adhavan2, S.Gowtham1, Dhiresh joshi1 and R.D.Kamboj2
  Page Number: 39-42