Welcome to Asian Journal of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

The “Asian Journal of Pathology and Laboratory medicine (AJPLM)  is an international online journal quarterly published in English. The aim of AJPLM is to publish peer reviewed research, review articles and short communications in swiftly developing field of pathology and applied laboratory and clinical medicine and biological sciences.

There is no dearth of journals published around the world. Many standard journals are published from the Indian subcontinent itself. However, AJPLM is unique and aimed at being very different. The editor-in-chief felt that although pathologists and clinicians in developing countries witness a range of disease spectrums, and acquire a wealth of knowledge because of high clinical exposure, they do not publish their experiences. As a result, medical practitioners in developing countries are often rendered speechless while discussing in an international forum. Lack of motivation, lack of time and a busy schedule prevent these practitioners from publishing their findings. Many feel strongly motivated to express and narrate their opinion, but to write the same, most lose the motivation. The lack of scientific writing skills among young researchers and postgraduate students leads to failure of their research thesis reaching any journal of repute.
Hence we aim to use this journal to publish the findings of doctors working from the ground level, that of young researchers and the senior and experienced.

Although this journal has been started in India, we believe such needs exist with many researchers in various countries and openly welcome original articles and case reports from around the world and especially from the asian subcontinent. We promise to provide similar unbiased service to everyone who wishes to use our service

This journal is an online journal having full access to the research and review paper. All articles after approval from reviewers shall be published

Asian Journal of Pathology and laboratory medicine   appear four times   Jan,Apr,Jul & Oct every year