2013  Jul-Sep

   Case Report
1. A Rare Case Of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Of Hard Palate
  Suman Parmar*,Alpesh Patel
  Page Number: 29-31
2. Unilateral Ectopic Kidney In Pelvis With Stone
  Krunal Modi*,Jaimin Shah, Nitin Vasava,Tapan Shah
  Page Number: 32-33
   Research Article
4. Prospective Randomized Study To Evaluate Medical Expulsive Therapy With Tamsulosin In Lower Ureteric Calculi.
  Tapan Shah*,Sharad Patel, Ravi Chauhan,Jatin Modi,Neelay Jain,Asit Patel,R.G.Surela
  Page Number: 37-40