Aim and Scope 

Journal of Nanopharmaceuticals and Cancer Research aims to rapidly publish original scientific articles that focus on the advances of Nanomedicine and cancer research on both applications of basic and clinical. The Journal is a peer-reviewed publishing research articles, reviews, letters and guest edited single topic issues in the field of nanotechnology and cancer research. The journal publishes the articles of original research in the field of nanomedicine focusing on new advances on the medical applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology of cancer.

The following categories of scientific papers will be considered for publication after peer-review:
• Communications and Short Notes -Preliminary results with significant importance.
• Research Articles Full Papers -Detailed research data.
• Reviews - A comprehensive survey.

The Journal welcomes articles from the following cancer research areas:

• Nanotoxicology.
• Nanomedical Sciences.
• Nanochemistry with biological applications.
• Nanodevices for detection and/or treatment of cancer.
• Nanoparticles based design and development of new modalities for detection, imaging and therapy of cancer.
Cancer Biology in vitro and in vivo
Mechanism of anticancer agents ( Herbal, biological or even chemical)
Design and synthesis of anticancer agents( Herbal, biological or even chemical)
Tumor Radiopharmaceuticals including MRI, IR, Florescent as well as radionuclide imaging or therapeutic agents